FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years, we have often answered these common questions about renting. If you need additional help, contact us at rent@alertrealty.net or call 303-776-5156.

  1. Q: How and when do I pay my rent?

    A: Your rent is due on the 1st day of the month.  You can (1) set up direct payments from your bank account (or credit card plus a fee), we need to send you instructions through email; (2) mail it;  (3) drop it through the mail slot in the front door when we are closed; (4)  pay cash at a  7 -11 Store (needs a barcode we print out for you), and (5) the old way , in person during office hours.Do not bring cash to the office or put cash in the mail or through the mail slot.  We prefer you make only one payment, in full, on time.NOTE: We report positive rental history to Experian to be included with your credit reports! 

  1. Q: What if I am going to have problems with the rent payment? (Includes defaults and NSF)

    A: Please let the office know right away, we know that circumstances come up occasionally.  Maybe you can borrow it from family, friends or your emergency contacts?  If you have not notified us, we will begin an eviction process.  A late charge will apply – please do not ask it have it waived.  However, if the check you wrote will be returned for Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF), you will usually know about it before we do, and if you make up the funds BEFORE we are notified, the late charge may not apply (but the NSF charge will).

  1. Q: What if I need to move out early, before the end of the lease? (Includes layoff, transfer, separation, divorce, court order, emergency, death (even your own), etc.)

    A: You are still responsible for the rent until the end of the lease, as well as expenses and fees including advertising, concessions, administration, re-leasing, maintenance, lawn care, snow removal, etc, until it is rented again.

  1. Q: Can I have someone else move in with me, or change roommates?

    A:  Not without written permission and for that we require a paid and approved application for each adult.  You can have guests stay for 10 days each year, but longer than that and we will want to fully check their background.  An administrative charge will apply to resign leases less than a year old.

  1. Q: What does “NO PETS” mean?

    A: It means that no pets are allowed, not for a day, not for an hour.  It means no pet-sitting, no strays.  Generally, it means no mammals, only fish and caged birds.  Please ask us first if there are any questions or requests.  Do not allow your family to get attached to an animal and then make us require you to remove it – it’s not fair to us or your family.

  1. Q: How do I report an emergency or request maintenance?

    A: If it’s an emergency, call the office number immediately to report it, and if we are closed, leave your emergency message and follow the directions to call the emergency number.  Emergencies include fires, uncontrollable water leaks, all the toilets clogged, furnaces not working if below 40°F.  If it is not an emergency, call the office or leave a message and be resourceful until repairs are made.  For instance, in some cases, you may have to heat water on the stove or put ice in the refrigerator for a little while.  Report any loose bath tiles or grout immediately.

  1. Q: My toilet is clogged!  My disposal is stuck!  What can we do to avoid calling?

    A: Try to fix the problem first, if you feel comfortable.  If we send someone out to fix a tenant-caused problem, like toys or coins, then you would be charged.  So, for the toilet: try a plunger or hand auger first.  For the disposal, reset the button on the bottom or use the hex sided wrench, available from the office, to get it turning again.  Then call us for further action.

  1. Q: Can I paint?  spackle?

    A: Paint – probably not, we require written permission to do this.  It is more expensive to repair a poor job than to do it professionally in the first place.  We use only one kind and color of paint, so we can touch it up if needed.  We would have to paint over, at your expense, any other paint you apply.  Poor spackling will be corrected at your expense, please don’t.

  1. Q: How does Alert Realty recommend I clean the carpets when I move?

    A: Carpet cleaning must be guaranteed and done to professional standards.  If necessary, we will ask for it to be redone or we will contract a professional to do it, at your expense.  Few can get adequate results with a rented machine, it often cannot extract all of the soap.  If you want, please ask our office to make arrangements to have the carpet cleaned.  Our regular professionals give us a discount and a guarantee (but not miracles).  The cost can be near the same as renting a machine and buying all of the chemicals to do the job correctly, and you save time.

  1. Q: What else do I need to know about moving out?  Proper notice?  Last rent?  Security Deposit?  Cleaning?

    A: See your lease and Move-Out Checklist for details.  Your notice needs to be in writing, with your rent.  We return your security deposit less charges within 60 days, and usually much less than that.  If you cleaned thoroughly, followed the checklist and have no repairs or other charges, you will get the whole thing back, and we prefer it that way.