Property Management

Are you a landlord / owner interested in Full-Service Residential Property Management or other services?

We offer:

  • Full Service Property Management: We can take care of all aspects of your rental property for you, including complete tenant contact. Starting with marketing, advertising and showing, applicant screening and leasing and orientation, move-in and move-out security deposit management, emergency and routine maintenance calls, rent collection, lease enforcement, everything. Many of our clients are out of town, out of state, or out of the country, so we know your concerns. Each month you will get a detailed accounting of everything that happened financially with the property, and the confidence of professional property management.
  • Lease Only, Tenant Finder Service: We can help you finding a new tenant even if you want to deal with the rent collection and day-to-day management and maintenance directly with the tenant afterward. We will market, advertise and show, screen the application and lease it up, and collect the security deposit and first rent.
  • Rental Consultation: If you want to find the tenant and manage the property yourself, but need a little help with some of the guess-work in getting started, then we can assist you in evaluating your property and the market, give you advice on marketing, ideas about property readiness, and procedural information and general landlord advice. And we will refund this fee if you hire us as your property manager or tenant finder!
  • Vacancy Caretaker: If you are going to be out of your house for an extended length of time, perhaps for travel or work, we offer services to regularly visit the property for security, weather proofing, the presence of heat, even flushing toilets to prevent sewer gasses in the house. We can also arrange to set up the sprinkler system or get the grass watered and mowed, snow removed, or whatever else needs doing.

Please ask us for details on the level of service that best fits your needs. Contact us by phone 303-776-5156 or email: